“Job’s Daughters has brought me closer to so many amazing girls, and I’m thankful to be able to call them my best friends for life.”
– Mary R.
“Through holding a state and local office in Job’s Daughters, I have had the opportunity to positively impact and influence the girls in my community and in the Commonwealth.”
– Katie T.
“Jobs Daughter’s has allowed me to make long lasting friendships and memories from around the world.”
– Erin S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Job’s Daughters?

We’ll let the members themselves explain.  At a weekend retreat to learn leadership skills, the members described the importance of Job’s Daughters to them:

“To have a safe place to grow in my self-confidence, so that I can become a well-rounded adult who has a positive impact on the world.”

What do members learn?

Members learn a variety of skills, including public speaking, leadership, project planning, how to resolve differences and work with others, all in a fun environment while they make life-long friendships.

What is a Bethel?

The word “Bethel” is a biblical term meaning “holy place”.  It’s the term we use for individual units, much like a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop.

“Holy place”? Is this some kind of religious organization?

It’s based on Job 42:15, which states “In all the world were found no women so fair as the daughters of Job, and he gave them inheritance among their brethren.”  Our meetings do include non-denominational prayers.

What is a Prospective Members’ Club (PMC)?

In areas where there isn’t currently a Bethel, we can organize Prospective Members’ Clubs, which serve as a stepping-stone to creating new Bethels and give girls an opportunity to get involved in Job’s Daughters right away.  If there isn’t a Bethel or PMC in your area, let us know!

Who’s in charge?

The girls are!  Each Bethel is led by a group of officers, with the Honored Queen as the highest officer.  She runs the meetings and plans her term, including fun activities, fundraisers, and service projects.  Members participate in the meetings, decide which activities they want to do, decide how their Bethel’s money should be spent, and add their own ideas.  There is an adult Council, but their role is to facilitate and offer guidance, not to run the Bethel.

Is this just a Virginia thing?

Job’s Daughters is a worldwide organization, with members across the United States, as well as in Canada, Australia, the Phillipines, and Brazil.  In fact, Brazil is our fastest-growing jurisdiction!

Members have the opportunity to attend Supreme Session, our worldwide convention, which is held in different jurisdictions every year.

Does Job’s Daughters support charity?

Job’s Daughters International has its own charity, the Hearing Improvement Kids Endowment (HIKE), which has raised over $5 million for hearing devices for kids since 1985!  Virginia Job’s Daughters is consistently one of the top fundraisers for this, with fundraising throughout the year and a fun final weekend, often at Virginia Beach. Many members are so moved by seeing a HIKE presentation that they go on to learn sign language, and in many of our Bethels you’ll see members signing along with a song.  In addition, each Honored Queen designates a charity (which may be HIKE or a charity important to her) to support.

Can youth with disabilities or differences be involved with Job’s Daughters?

Of course!  Job’s Daughters is a friendly, supportive environment where everyone is welcome and everyone is included.  Members come from all walks of life and challenges; some have Down syndrome or are on the autism spectrum. They participate in all the same activities, do the same work, and hold the same leadership positions as every other member.  We offer accommodations for any member to be successful in her role and responsibilities!

Can families get involved?

We welcome and encourage families to be involved with their daughter’s Bethel–it’s a great opportunity to spend time as a family and to be a part of something meaningful.  In addition, if you’re looking for leadership opportunities, we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers!

How to Join Jobies

For girls age 10-19

For girls 8-9

To get Jobies started in your area!

Want to Get Involved as an Adult?

Former members, as well as the parents, grandparents or legal guardians of a member are welcome to attend a Job’s Daughters meeting, as can any adult related to a Master Mason (Freemason).  In addition, every Bethel will hold fun activities, service projects, and fundraisers that are open to anyone who wants to attend or get to know the Bethel.

If you want to get involved further, every Bethel is looking for passionate and enthusiastic volunteers!  Job’s Daughters is committed to the safety and well-being of its members, and as such has implemented a vigorous program to train our volunteers, called the Certified Adult Volunteer (CAV) program.  This program also includes background checks on all volunteers.